Yolo Snapchat App | IPO Status Private Download 2019

Yolo Snapchat App | IPO Status Private Download 2019

You are downloading the Yolo apk file for Android: Enjoy the time you share with your family, friends, or couple,

Yolo Snapchat App  IPO Status Private Download 2019

The Yolo Anonymous Question app is yet available for iOS. But there are many asking How to Yolo on Snapchat Android? Since there are many Yolo Apk apps available there, but not a single one from the official developer Popshow inc. So we have to find another way to be Anonymous snapchat users, just like the iOS ones.

Since we have apps like Sarahah and Lipsi already available for download on Android devices. So we can use them just like the iOS users

Sing The YOLO app.

Basically, all these new anonymous questions asking apps are driven from the idea given in Ask.fm, since then Sarahah has become the most famous of all among teenagers. But since the release of Doing Anonymous Questions on Snapchat has become more fun.

How to do Yolo on Snapchat for Android:

Since the Yolo app is only available for the iOS devices. So you don’t have to wait for fo it’s official Android version. You can do the same with Sarah ah app. All you have to follow this step by step guide given below.


  • Open your Snap-chat app.
  • Click on Snap
  • Now click on the paper Clip icon.
  • Now you can type in your Sarahah Profile URL in the given field.
  • Click on the Search button or Go
  • Now it will show the option to attach to snap.
  • You can easily Send it to your story or Friends.
  • That’s it.

How to do yolo anonymous questions on snapchat video guide online

This is quite an easy and simple video guide to let you know how to do Yolo on Snap-chat Android. Using the Yolo app for iOS makes it even easier and faster. That’s why the Yolo app is already making to the top charts on the iTunes store. Yolo Snapchat App