Top 5 Apps like iPASTORE - Best Alternatives for 2020

Top 5 Apps like iPASTORE – Best Alternatives for 2020

Top 5 Apps like iPASTORE – Best Alternatives for 2020

It fills all your passwords, payments, and personal details wherever you need them, across the web, on any device. It’s the app that makes the internet easier.

1. Dashlane Best Apps

Dashlane Best Apps

Dashlane with password to contain organised password in Hindi after super secure your passwords you can save in organised password in walls which can protect with your finger print out pain in the app is super secure in the data is collected using this app is really easy and you can manually add the password in the app itself or whenever you are not the login page of any website.

iPASTORE Permits You to Peruse, Download and introduce Applications

2. APK Download – Apps and Games

APK Download - Apps and Games

The application gives you the most complete information.


  • Sort APK files by date
  • Analyze APK files from the SD card and external storage.
  • Install APK files with just one click
  • Delete APK files from SD card and external storage
  • Search APK files by name
  • Status of APK files installed

APK Downloader Top 5 Apps like iPASTORE has been optimized for speed. It is quick to browse the applications and search for applications with a simple and clean interface. And it’s free to download. It is the best store of free applications for Android.

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3. GesturePlus


GesturePlus the navigation button at the bottom of the screen easy launch a reaction on map with just one tab you can set various functions as toggle flashlight take screenshot app support single tap as well as long press to open action taken set the action on the home screen as well as on the lock screen for example I have set the Google Now as a single tap on the home screen on the lock screen has set up for the flashlight and also the home screen after the long press to take a screenshot and as you can see it works perfectly overall a very handy app in my opinion there are few function which are available only in the provision and for that we have you

4. My Limit Apps

My Limit Apps

FIFA winner list is my limit first of all I am totally against drink and drive and I don’t encourage anyone to drink and drive now about the app this app helps you track your blood alcohol content in real time so basically when you set up the app you need to enter your weight and age and we can set the BAC limit in the Bac limit settings where it is in different countries and states for example in India it’s 0.03% 30mg alcohol in hundred ml blood now about the functionality what is app does is whenever your drinking we can record the type of drink and quantity in this you can also see Top 5 Apps like iPASTORE

5. Tody – Smarter Cleaning

Tody - Smarter Cleaning

If you strugle to keep your house or apartment clean and want to get into a solid routine, try Tody to streamline your tidying.

Tody is a task app with a focus on cleaning your house. Instead of adding cleaning tasks and due dates to a notes app like Google Keep or a habit planning app like Titicaca, you only add cleaning tasks to Tody and the app does the rest. When you first open up Tody, it briefly explains what it does and why you would want to add it to your life. After this, the app drops you into the ‘Areas’ hub, which is the app’s main screen. Your areas are each room or location in your house, like bedrooms, bathrooms, outside, your garage and more.

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The app tracks your cleaning progress on a room-by-room basis so it’s straightforward to see what rooms need attention and what ones are already tidy with a progress bar. The progress bar is one of the core components of the app. It’s broken into three sections. The first section builds up as the due date for the task gets near. The midsection is when you should clean the item and the final third is when the item is overdue. When you tap into a room, it’s broken down

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