Motu Patlu Apps | Motu Patlu for Android | APK Download 2019

Motu Patlu apps | Motu Patlu for Android | APK Download 2019

Motu Patlu Run 2019 Game

October Update 2019 Motu Patlu Apps. Apk!
Motu and Patlu apk have to safeguard fuzzy N agar and its tenant after John the Don plunder the Gold from the Furfuri Nagar Bank. Rush after John the Don as Motu Patlu apk or the rest of the team as Chingam, Ghasitaram or Dr Jhatka and get your Gold coins back!

run down straight the track of fuzzy Hagar, use contrasting pedal and grab weight ups on the go and make the chase shorter. Dodge Trucks! Bus and cars before John gets away. Running and run down John helps as you group enough gold coins to decipher other intelligence of the Motu Patlu Run adventure.

Endless Runner – Run to catch John the Don

  • RUN as fast as you can to catch John the Don
  • EVADE oncoming Trucks and Cars to collect more gold
  • JUMP & DUCK to avoid Obstacles like Traffic Barrier and Cones
  • Use a selection of BIKES to RACE and to get additional lives
  • Ride on Rockets
  • Collect Coins
  • Get Multipliers
  • Get Mystery Box Rewards by collecting Letters
  • Boost your Score with multipliers by completing challenges
  • Participate in Events
  • Challenge your Friends

Motu Patlu & Friends – Play as Your Favorite Motu Patlu Character

  • Run and Jump as Motu, Patlu, Inspector Chingam, Dr Jhatka or Ghasitram
    Explore New Worlds – Run Through New Lands
  • Challenge Friends to make it to the Motu Patlu leaderboards
  • Enjoy with your friends with Mystery Boxes and Special Gifts in this family friendly action adventure game

Will Motu Patlu get back their gold coins and save the Furfuri Nagar Bank or will John the Don Escape. Join us on our Epic adventure through the streets and suburbs of Furfuri Nagar with Motu Patlu and the rest of the team to collect Gold Coins and explore the Motu Patlu world in Motu Patlu Run for Gold !

Motu Patlu Run apk respects your privacy, does not store any personal information and does not allow you share this information.

We do require a few additional Permissions to function:

  3. These permissions are needed to show suitable ad content for targeted user for better ad experience RECORD_AUDIO
  4. This is required to analyse offline TV viewing data and serve media-targeted ads.Granting this permission is optional.


This version includes a few improvements and bug fixes to make your game play experience better. Super Mario Run – Apps on Google


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