How Smart Tv Apps Play You Happy (2020) Apps


How Smart Tv Apps Play You Happy (2020) Apps

How Smart Tv Can Make You Happy (2020) Apps

The all-new Smart TV app is now better than ever, with a range of amazing features to instantly stream your favorite videos and live shows. The Smart TV now offers postpaid registration through the app so Smart TV landline, EVO Wingle and Charji customers can register directly just like prepaid customers do. And with our ample self-care services, you have the flexibility to add, unbind and delete devices through the app itself making your multiscreen experience effortless.


  • 120+ Channels
  • Time Shift TV
  • TV on Demand
  • Video on Rent
  • Personal Video Recorder
  • Parental Lock
  • Pricing

The Smart TV App is absolutely FREE for PTCL Broadband, Smart TV & CharJi users. You can enjoy hundreds of live TV channels, PTCL Smart TV movies and TV on-demand on your mobile, tablets (Android & iOS) and PCs (using browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) whenever and wherever you want.

Customers using only landline service will be charged Rs 99 per month.

How to Buy

  • To download, please go to the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store. Or, if you prefer watching on the Web, just sign in to and enjoy it! The payment methods are detailed in the FAQs.
  • Ipad and iPhone Manual
  • Tutorial of PTCL Smart TV App
  • All Apps Smart App Click here for FAQs

Like smartphones, smart TVs offer various web associated administrations that you can't get from a standard TV. From numerous points of view, they're similar to a PC – just without email and word preparing capacities – offering you additional highlights, for example, media gushing, applications, games, and web perusing. Right now, be investigating the highlights of a smart TV.

LG Hardware Drove Smart TV, LG Hardware Drove Smart TV, Perusing The Internet

The implicit internet browser in a smart TV empowers you to get to the web, see pages, watch recordings and view photograph slideshows – all from the solace of your lounge room! How Smart Tv Apps Play You Happy

YouTube video Download

YouTube video Download

Regardless of whether you have your companions around and you need to boogie to your preferred tunes or you need to watch an instructional exercise on the big screen, approaching YouTube through your TV can demonstrate pricelessly.

Web-based life

Can't be tried to move rooms and switch on the PC? Is the smartphone distant? Well then you'll be happy to realize you can, in any case, find your companions on Facebook or Twitter by means of your smart TV – helpful huh?

Smart Tv Apps Download

Notwithstanding the abovementioned, on-request TV is one of the most alluring highlights offered by a smart TV – permitting you to make up for lost time with your unsurpassed most loved shows so you never need to miss a scene again. You can look over a choice of claim to fame channels to watch sports, movies, and music – whatever takes your extravagant.

Samsung 50" Full HD SMART Drove TV

How Smart Tv Apps Play You Happy

This is what else you can do with your smart TV.


Mess around

Keep the entire family engaged with a wide scope of games on your TV – or even better, why not have a games night and alternate to play your preferred game on the TV. It resembles a cutting edge variant of tabletop games.

Skype Loved ones

On the off chance that you live far away from loved ones, Skype is an incredible method for staying in contact. In any case, rather than everybody gathering around the webcam on your PC, or attempting to fit everybody in the image on your telephone, stay in contact through the TV.

Watch Home Recordings And Make Photograph Slideshows

Remember valuable recollections by watching your home recordings through your TV. Just attach it to your camcorder, press play and settle down with the popcorn. Possibly you've as of late transferred photographs from a birthday or a companion's wedding? Utilize your preferred snaps to make a slideshow for everybody to appreciate.

Get Application Upbeat Smart Tv Apps 

You can likewise get to applications for climate, web radio, games, and diversion – all without leaving your couch! So now you realize what amount more is accessible to you with a smart TV, what are you hanging tight for? Peruse the full scope of smart TVs at BT Shop today. Post route, Past POST

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